PCBRACE 2022 –  Dr. Jennifer Matthews Talks about the Community Resilience Model

Pitt County has 4 Certified CRM Teachers offering the Community Resiliency Model trainings to the public. CRM teaches skills to help children and adults experiencing stress and traumatic stress reactions. These skills can be used as a wellness practice, to promote wellbeing and support our ability to walk through the world as our best selves. To sign up for a training or request one for your group or agency, please feel free to reach out to creemensj@ecu.edu or kurasb18@ecu.edu. 

PCCAHT welcomes administrator of the Healthy Opportunities Pilot with Access East to discuss services

GREENVILLE (NC): The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Oakmont Baptist Church fellowship hall, 1100 Red Banks Rd, Greenville, N.C.

Lindley Brickhouse, MSN, RN, administrator at Access East for the Healthy Opportunities Pilot

The guest speaker for this session will be Lindley Brickhouse, MSN, RN, administrator at Access East for the Healthy Opportunities Pilot.

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website, “The Healthy Opportunities Pilots is the nation’s first comprehensive program to test and evaluate the impact of providing select evidence-based, non-medical interventions related to housing, food, transportation and interpersonal safety and toxic stress to high-needs Medicaid enrollees.”

“As we look at the needs of survivors of human trafficking in Pitt County, we are met with issues around housing, food, transportation, safety and mental health concerns,” said Pam Strickland, facilitator of the Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

“We are happy to have Ms. Brickhouse share her knowledge of this new program and connect our local service providers with the necessary resources to ensure comprehensive victim/survivor care.”

Lindley has been a registered nurse for 34 years and has been at Vidant Health for 35 years. She served in multiple roles throughout her nursing career, including patient care, leadership roles and quality.

She was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina and obtained her BSN from East Carolina University in 1988 and MSN from Aspen University in 2020.

She joined Access East in the fall of 2021 to help launch the Healthy Opportunities Pilot.

 C4FVP Director Laura King to Discuss Family Justice Center at PCCAHT meeting

Laura King, executive director of the Center for Family Violence Prevention

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will convene on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at 1412 S. Evans Street (conference room located behind the Heart for ENC building)

At this meeting, Laura King, executive director of the Center for Family Violence Prevention, will be discussing the potential the Family Justice Center has to provide a stronger continuum of care for victims of violence in Pitt County. 

Fair trade coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be available to enjoy. Together we can end human trafficking in North Carolina.

Email Melinda Sampson if you have any questions at melinda@encstophumantrafficking.org.

PCCAHT welcomes foster parent to discuss experience during May meeting

Robin Tant, Foster Parent

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will welcome Robin Tant, foster parent, to discuss her experience with fostering children during the May meeting as recognition of National Foster Care Month.

Tant is the nutrition program director at the Pitt County Health Department. She has worked at the health department for around 15 years and has been a dietitian for almost 23 years. 

She graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics and holds a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in health.  She has a passion for both children and animals. She has been a foster parent since Feb. 14, 2020.

“Robin has a perspective that we need to hear as a coalition,” said PCCAHT facilitator Pam Strickland.

“We know that foster children are more vulnerable to the grooming and recruitment tactics of predators and traffickers. Robin’s lived experience with fostering children can not only guide our work in the community but also has the capacity to bring people to the table who are interested in becoming foster parents themselves.”

The May meeting is slated for 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 19, at the Heart for ENC conference room on 1412 S. Evans St. PCCAHT will be meeting in person this month without any virtual option.

PCCAHT welcomes supportive housing director of First Fruit Ministries to discuss options for survivors in Pitt County

Hannah Parham, MSW, supportive housing director of First Fruit Ministries

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will welcome Hannah Parham, MSW, supportive housing director of First Fruit Ministries, to discuss housing programs during its virtual meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 17.

First Fruit Ministries is located in Wilmington and includes programs that are catered to the human trafficking survivor population. First Fruit Ministries accepts referrals from outside New Hanover County, which will be a connection that is needed for Pitt County organizations.

“We are happy to have Hannah join us this month,” Pam Strickland, founder of NC Stop Human Trafficking and facilitator of PCCAHT said.

“First Fruit Ministry has incredible programming that is needed across the state. They are innovative and compassionate in their approach to human trafficking survivor services. We want our local organizations to know more about them in case they find that their clients need assistance that aligns with First Fruit’s programming.”

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Program Administrator with Koinonia Community Solutions Joins PCCAHT to Discuss Organization’s Support Services

Michele Marston-Stevens, program administrator, Koinonia Community Solutions

Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will welcome Michele Marston-Stevens, program administrator with Koinonia Community Solutions, at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 17 virtually.

Marston-Stevens will address implementing youth education programs, developing affordable housing initiatives and creating economic empowerment strategies which are the focus points of Koinonia Community Solutions.

“We are excited to learn about Koinonia Community Solutions programs,” said Pam Strickland, PCCAHT facilitator and founder of NC Stop Human Trafficking.

“These programs are examples of what primary human trafficking prevention can be, but they also have the capacity to reduce revictimization through empowering people to have stable housing and gainful employment.”

Marston-Stevens was previously the Title I Regional Program Manager under the Federal WIOA Program overseen by the Rivers East Workforce Development Board.

She has spent more than two decades in the corporate, healthcare and educational sectors and is a Pitt Community College Alumni. She studied economics at East Carolina University with a focus on the economics of poverty and discrimination.

She is also a wife, mother and stepmother. She and her husband have also served as temporary foster parents, as well as directly assisted six women out of human trafficking over the last year.

She is a Greenville native who believes in advocating for the under-served and those who need assistance leveling up as they heal from trauma, escape poverty and receive the support they need to obtain a brighter future. 

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Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking welcomes Liz Liles, founder of Daughters of Worth, to discuss her work in providing victim services in Eastern North Carolina

Liz Liles, founder of Daughters of Worth

The Pitt County Coalition will hear from Liz Liles, founder of Daughters of Worth, about how she serves victims of human trafficking in Pitt County and surrounding areas at 9:30 a.m., Jan. 20, virtually. (Meeting was originally planned for in-person, but due to the recent COVID cases spike, it has shifted to a virtual platform).

Liles will speak on what her organization is seeing on the ground in the wake of the COVID pandemic and the community gaps in services.

“Liz is a long-time colleague who has worked closely with NC Stop Human Trafficking and a long-time member of the Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking,” said Pam Strickland, facilitator of PCCAHT and founder of NC Stop Human Trafficking.

“We are looking forward to hearing about what victimization looks like from the unique perspective of Daughters of Worth, and how we as a coalition can assist in filling the community gaps that have become apparent since the onset of the pandemic.”

For more information, visit https://pccaht.org/2022-meeting-minutes/

To join the meeting, click https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81564866018

PCCAHT welcomes Nikki Locklear, director of domestic violence/sexual assault/human trafficking program of the NC Commission of Indian Affairs

Nikki Locklear

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will welcome guest speaker Nikki Locklear, director of the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Human Trafficking Program for the NC Commission of Indian Affairs within the NC Department of Administration, at 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 18 at Oakmont Baptist Church.

Locklear will discuss the intersection of how systemic oppression and discrimination against Native American people has led to a disproportionate level of human trafficking among indigenous people. Locklear will also discuss the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women across the country and in North Carolina.

Locklear is an expert in the domestic violence/sexual assault/human trafficking field, serving more than 13 years in advocacy and more than 10 years in direct services.

Throughout her career, she has worked on many projects in North Carolina to assist and inform victims of violence in tribal communities.

Most recently she has spearheaded a “Serving American Indian Victims” webinar series that is available through the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s website.

She has served on the Regional Council for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina and is currently serving on the NC Coalition Against Human Trafficking Board as a member of the Community and Faith based Committee.

She is also a member of the NC Domestic Violence Commissions Victim Services subcommittee and the Governors Crime Commission Advisory Board. For the past few years, she has written the Governors Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Awareness Day Proclamation. Her goal is to assist victims of interpersonal violence in North Carolina and in tribal communities in receiving culturally specific services that aid in supportive care.

“It is an honor to have Miss Locklear speak to our coalition this month,” said Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking Facilitator Pam Strickland.

“Her expertise in the field of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault through the lens of serving tribal communities is invaluable. We cannot address the issue of human trafficking without understanding how systemic oppression continues to lead to the exploitation of Native American communities across this state, and frankly, the entire country.”

Executive Director of the Pitt County Coalition on Substance Use to discuss substance use and human trafficking

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will meet Thursday, Sept. 16, at 9:30 a.m. virtually.

Lillie Malpass, Executive Director of PCCSU

The September meeting will feature guest speaker, Lillie Malpass (she/her/hers), the executive director of the Pitt County Coalition on Substance Use (PCCSU).

Malpass completed her masters in public health from East Carolina University in 2020. She is a certified health education specialist and is passionate about educating the community on substance use, trauma and recovery.

Originally from Hallsboro, N.C., Malpass now considers Pitt County her second home.

She is currently teaching two sections of HLTH 4611 – Program Evaluation for the Department of Health Education and Promotion at ECU.

“The intersection between substance use and human trafficking in Pitt County and all of North Carolina is large,” said PCCAHT facilitator Pam Strickland.

“It is important that we come to the table and talk about these intersections and how one leads to the other or vice versa. Ms. Malpass will offer our coalition insight into the issue in Pitt County, as well as an avenue for professionals at our table to collaborate with professionals and community members at hers.”

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Survivor advocate with Karana Rising to speak at June meeting

Ashley Lowe, survivor and advocate with Karana Rising

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking will welcome Ashley Lowe, survivor and advocate, to speak on her experiences and her work around providing support to girl survivors of exploitation and trafficking during the scheduled June meeting.

Lowe works as an advocate for the nonprofit organization Karana Rising.

Karana Rising is a 501©3 nonprofit led by a community of young survivors who are harnessing the pain and exploitation of their past, wielding it as their power to create stronger and better futures for themselves and fellow survivors around the globe.

Karana Rising supports survivors for life, not just a season, customizing a path to wellness that involves body, mind, soul, and community.

“I love advocating for girls who were like me,” Lowe said.

“When growing up, I felt like there weren’t enough resources for girls that were like myself and experienced some of the things that I encountered into my adolescent years. I love what I do and I love telling my story because our voices need to be heard. I live by the motto reach one teach one. I want to teach and educate young women and girls that they are not alone and there are people that have in their shoes and understand where they come from.”

Pam Strickland, PCCAHT facilitator and founder of NC Stop Human Trafficking said the voices and the stories of survivors are imperative when developing localized services and resources.

“As a community, we need to understand what survivors need, and not impose as service providers what we think they need,” Strickland said.

“We are excited to hear Ms. Lowe offer up sound advice and wisdom that she possesses through her lived experience and advocacy work.”

The Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking meets on the third Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. via zoom and in person at the new Farmville Public Library, 4276 W Church St, Farmville.

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